GM foods (M.M.T)

                          Genetically Modified food


A murderous wave of destruction, flooding towards our various towns. Stripping us of health, and eventual annihilation. This menace is not the guns of our downfall, nor crime or war. For the past few years danger has been all around us in the shops in our homes, even lurking in our own bodies. What is this silent killer? But the menace of Genetically Modified Foods. Over the years GM products have very slowly sneak into everyday foods we eat like vegetables and fruit without our knowledge until only recently.  This was proved in 2008 when a review was published by the Royal Society of Medicine, commenting that Genetically Modifed foods have been consumed by millions of people worldwide for over 15 years. A lot of people think these foods will increase food production and give us bigger better food this maybe true but it comes with a great number of risks.

 The most common of these risks is increased allergens in our food making more people allergic to more kinds of food. An example of this is that in the 1990s tests were done on some GM foods and showed that some individuals that are allergic to Brazil nuts were also allergic to the latest Genetically enhanced  soybean. There are a couple of Environmental organizations, like the European Green Party and Greenpeace, have suggested that GM food might trigger increased food allergies.


  Background info

 The first comercially grown genetically altered food was a tomato called the Flavr Savr which was made to slow down the ripening of the tomato so it wouldn't go soft or rot like normal tomatos.

Genetic Engineering Info (cloning)

To actually understand the affects you might need to know the process that creates GM foods or the science it comes from which is the science of genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is science based around changing the dna of organic organisms like plants or animals. the most common or well known form of genetic engineering is cloning. The first mammel clone was called Dolly the sheep and was born on 5 july 1996 and died at the age of six on 14 feburary 2003 after being euthanised after discovering she had lung cancer. During Dolly's life she gave birth to a 6 lambs including a pair of twins, triplets.